Revitalized Fort Drawing Thousands of Visitors

   FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) _ A newly revitalized fort that features 19th century re-enactments, tours and craft shops is drawing thousands of visitors in Fort Wayne.

             Old Fort was built in 1976 as a recreation of an 1816 fortress but it had fallen on hard times by 2004.

             The Journal Gazette reports that a group of citizens formed the nonprofit group Historic Fort Wayne Inc. to make repairs to the neglected fort and spice it up with colonial-themed events.

             The fort now offers re-enactments of battles and pioneer life, a woodshop and a blacksmith shop. Donations have helped with the fort’s maintenance costs.

            The nonprofit is now considering putting placards on each building to allow visitors to have self-guided tours. The group is also looking for volunteers to do maintenance work.