Restaurant Operators Sentenced for Theft

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): A Marion County Criminal Court Judge has sentenced three statewide restaurant chain owners following their plea deals on theft charges.

Judge Stanley Kroh sentenced Francisco Salgado and Jose Melendez to 10 years with eight suspended and Abel Bustos to two years including one year probation Monday. This after they were charged with upwards of 10 counts of theft linked to operations of ten El Rodeo restaurants across the state.

Authorities seized $1.8 million from those ten restaurants back in November 2013. Prosecutors say the money came from unreported sales and taxes due from the establishments back in 2012.

During sentencing, the judge told the trio through an interpreter that their actions represented a “pattern of behavior” that took some time to “execute and orchestrate.” Their restaurants remain in operation. The trio will serve the bulk of their time on home detention.