Republicans vote down another Indiana teacher pay boost plan

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP): A Democratic proposal to immediately boost Indiana teacher pay by $100 million a year by stretching out payments to a teacher pension fund has been rejected by a Republican-controlled committee.

The Indiana Senate Appropriations Committee voted 8-4 along party lines Thursday against the Democratic plan. That extra $100 million then would have boosted funding for the state’s Teacher Appreciation Grant bonus program by 267% this year.

Estimates show the average bonus to a teacher in a northern Indiana district could have increased from about $700 to nearly $1,900.

Holcomb and legislative Republicans maintain major spending actions should wait until next year, when a new state budget is written.


  1. …But this isn’t even the whole story, is it WOWO. Holcomb just made the State of the State address and said he is committed to higher teacher pay, but want recommendations as to competitive pay to be voted in for the 2021 Legislative Session.

    So what is the best thing the Democrats can do politically, pass a bill, knowing that it will be shot down by Republicans to get this story in the news since the news never gives all of us the entire story. Such terrible reporting [ AP News ] and shame on you WOWO for just passing it on as news.


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