Republican control of Indiana Senate likely set with new map

(Supplied/Indiana Senate Republicans)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): A Republican-drawn redistricting plan for Indiana’s state Senate appears set to secure the party’s control of the chamber for another decade.

The proposal for the new Senate election districts released Tuesday comes as the Republican-dominated Legislature intends to give final approval by the end of next week for all of Indiana’s congressional and legislative seats.

The redistricting based on population shifts from the 2020 census creates one new likely Democratic Senate seat in Indianapolis as most rural counties across the state lost population and the Indianapolis area added residents, but no significant shifts look likely from the current 39-11 Republican supermajority in the state Senate.


  1. The AP “News” stikes again.

    The headline of this story and the 1st paragraph of the story lead you to believe the Republicans drew the map in a way to keep or even further their power.

    While the reality is Republicans kept it fair and the Democrats will likely pick up a seat.

    I would like to see a Blue State that is fair to Republicans…are there any?

  2. There’s no reasoning with far left idiots. Even with mountains of facts, this country will be unrecognizable in 50 years. It’s really sad, hopefully I won’t be around 2 see it.

  3. The article implies that the Republicans will redraw the map to increase power. While later in the article it states that the democrats will likely gain a set. If this is an example of improving a team’s power base the republicans are dumber than the press makes them out to be. If this is an example of fair play the republicans have once again taken the moral high ground. Something the national democratic party has lost a long time ago. Where are the JFK and Z. Miller democrats when we need them.

  4. Republicans need to stop playing fair. If we are going to lose the country to a tyrannical government installed by our enemy’s then it is stupid to keep trying to be the good guy. Copy the tactics of the left so when they complain you can just hold up a mirror.


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