Report shows children of color, immigrant families not doing well in schools

(Photo Supplied/Indiana Youth Institute)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.(WOWO): A report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows that children of race and of immigrant families are not doing well in schools, thus setting the kids up for possible failure in the future.

CEO and President of The Indiana Youth Institute Tami Silverman says the problem could result in trouble for Indiana in the future. “If we are not addressing these education gaps right now, it’s going to come back and haunt us in the future.”

The Annie E. Casey Foundation, according to Silverman, has a 25 year strategy for race and inclusion and are currently in the middle of their fifth year.

Regarding Fort Wayne schools, Silverman says that the schools are very aware of the issue, but state they need more time, resources, and help. You can help out by simply asking the school, “What can I do to resolve this issue?”



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