Relative productivity, how does the manufacturing industry look in Northeast Indiana?

Editor of the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, Lucretia Cardenas joined Charly Butcher on “Fort Wayne’s Morning News” to talk about what is coming up in this week’s issue:

1) Farm subsidy critics see room for improvement
The debate of whether or not farm subsidies are needed is fueled by record farm payout projected for the coming year based on low prices connected to surpluses. Economists argue the payouts are benefitting large farms more than the small farms they were designed to help.
2) Follow the money
The release of a report analyzing strategies and potential cost-cutting measures at Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne seems to leave the future of several academic departments in doubt. The University Strategic Alignment Process report released May 6 – in conjunction with the second phase of a two-year analysis – identifies several departments to be “restructured” to create efficiencies and reduce costs.
3) Relative productivity
This story looks at a recent study on manufacturing productivity and brings up the debate on how to measure productivity and what it means for northeast Indiana’s jobs.
4) Fitness clubs, large and small, fit together
Fort Wayne seems to have enough elbow room for both large health clubs, smaller specialty studios and gyms to serve customers without stepping on each others’ toes. Residents have no shortage of options in finding a place to work out, whether they want memberships at full-service clubs with a range of exercise equipment and amenities, or join locations that concentrate on certain fitness disciplines, or enjoy a mixture of both.


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