Purdue University to limit health care coverage of employee spouses

(Photo Supplied/Purdue University)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) — Purdue University is joining a trend among large employers by limiting health care coverage for working spouses of the school’s faculty and staff.

The Journal & Courier reports the university’s newly-approved health care plan includes an exemption for spouses of Purdue employees who are employed by a business that covers 50 percent or more of medical premiums. Those meeting the criteria won’t be eligible to receive primary health insurance through Purdue starting Jan. 1, although it doesn’t apply to spouses who also work at Purdue.

The health plan was approved Oct. 12 by Purdue’s trustees and includes increased premiums and deductibles.

The plan was met with opposition from campus employees.

Associate professor Alice Pawley says the new benefits package amounts to a cut in pay for employees in dual-earner families.


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