Purdue to Freeze Tuition for Fourth Consecutive Year

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) – Purdue University's Board of Trustees has given final approval to a freeze in tuition for a fourth consecutive year.

With Wednesday's approval by the Board of Trustees' executive committee, tuition at Purdue's West Lafayette campus will remain at $10,002 for in-state residents and $28,804 for non-residents. 

International students enrolled in summer 2012 or later will pay $30,804.

The trustees' also gave final approval to Purdue's fiscal year 2016 budget, which begins July 1. The budget for the West Lafayette campus is $1.045 billion.

The budget has a 3.5 percent merit-based salary increase pool, which includes 3.0 percent for every unit on campus along with an additional 0.5 percent for those that come up with lasting savings in their departments. 

The budget also sets a $10 an hour minimum entry-level pay for clerical and service jobs.