Purdue Students’ Soybean-based Air Freshener Wins Top Prize

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) – A team of Purdue University students who created a soybean-based air freshener have won the top prize in an annual soybean innovation contest.

The three students who developed the “Soy Sniffs'' air freshener will receive a $20,000 prize for their winning entry in the annual contest that's sponsored by Purdue and the Indiana Soybean Alliance.

The winning team members won second place last year with an organic leather conditioner and polish they had developed.

The contest challenges students to develop new soy-based products from soybeans. A second-place award of $10,000 went to a team that created biodegradable flower pots.

Thirteen 13 teams with a total of 39 students competed in their year's competition.

They'll be recognized at a March 31 ceremony at the Dauch Alumni Center in West Lafayette.