Public limited to YouTube for next NACS board meeting

Photo Supplied/Northwest Allen County Schools

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The public won’t be able to attend tomorrow night’s Northwest Allen County Schools board meeting.

According to the Journal Gazette, there will be a public hearing at 6pm at Perry Hill Elementary School covering renovation plans, but the full regular meeting that starts at 8pm will be limited to YouTube.

Superintendent Dr. Chris Himsel is expected to cover a COVID-19 update, including a possible vote to extend the school district’s mask mandate, which is set to expire Thursday night.

That mandate has brought opposition so loud at times that the board banned public comment at their September 27th meeting and limited attendance, based on suggestions from law enforcement.

Find a link to Wednesday night’s meeting here.


  1. These arent your children, these are the school’s children….dont you understand that?

    They will call the FBI on you to have you classified as a domestic terrorist because you think you have some kind of say as to how your kids are treated and taught.

    They probably even have a deal with AG Merrick Garlands family business ‘panorama education’ to teach them critical racist theory.

    NACS is the only ones truely being Tyrants in the area. Pull your kids out and take the funding with you.

  2. NACS are cowards.
    My Dad used to tell me, “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.”
    The NACS can dish out their mandates but can’t take the blowback. So, what do they do when you’re a coward? Hide, by barring the public.
    If only there were some journalists out there that would do some investigation into their financials.
    Mask mandates and CRT aren’t motivated by concern over the kid’s health and well-being…it’s all about money.
    I guess the parents are going to have to do it. And, yes, Panorama Education is in Indiana…

  3. These kids want to be in school and they don’t have a problem wearing a mask while there as long as they can go back. Being out of school is so damaging to these kids! And as long as these parents argue about masks, they are doing the damage!!! Get over yourselves and listen to your own children!

    • So your position is….
      1. The kids know more than the parents
      2. The parents are doing the damage by standing up to people indoctrinating their kids
      3. The kids will all wear a mask if they are told

      These are the same arguments of the Nazi party of the 1930’s indoctrinating kids to hate Jews

    • I don’t know which kids you’re talking to but I don’t know one that wants to wear a mask just to go to school. Not one. It’s not about their safety. It is 100% about control and indoctrination.

  4. Home-school your kids, if possible. Public schools have become woke, indoctrination cesspools thanks to corrupt teacher’s unions and power-hungry school boards. We are one step away from the government Brownshirts tossing caring parents into jail for trying to do what is best for their children. Over half the annual State budget goes towards “education”…that is the real crime here !

  5. No the kids don’t want mask! That’s as absurd as going into a restaurant, with a mask on, then taking it off when u get 2 your table. Some how convirus goes away when u sit down. Lol!. So silly.


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