Protesters gather outside home of Allen County Prosecutor

(Photo Supplied/State of Indiana)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Protesters gathered outside of Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards’ home Sunday calling for charges to be dropped against non-violent protesters that were arrested.

Our Partners in News at ABC 21 report Richards came out of her home at around 2:30 p.m. to speak with the group. on the sidewalk outside her home. She then told protesters they can continue to gather on the sidewalks and other public spaces outside of her house.

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Richards says she is working on a website to allow protesters to submit video and photo evidence.

Fort Wayne Police arrested more than 100 people during the first weekend of protests that turned into riots in Fort Wayne at the end of May.



  1. So Mob Rule now? Drop charges on people that commit crimes….Do what we want or else we will harass you every moment of every day. Someone needs to start a group to identify these “Protesters” so that they can be harassed at their own homes…. Fascists!!!

  2. Ms. Richards is much too kind — lawbreakers need to suffer the consequences of their acts to serve as a deterrent to themselves and others who might contemplate lawbreaking in the future

  3. Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards can thank Councilwoman Sharon Tucker for the assist. Since when has it been our elected officials response to thwart law and order? If our local elected Democrats can’t seem to express how these actions are illegal and wrong then a change should be made.


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