Proposed Muncie law would make city ‘broadband-ready’

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MUNCIE, Ind. (AP): Muncie officials are seeking to encourage economic development by establishing the city as “a broadband-ready community.”

The (Muncie) Star Press reports the Muncie City Council has introduced an ordinance that would establish the city as “a broadband-ready community.” The ordinance would speed the process for a developer intending “construction or development of wireline or wireless communications facilities to provide communications services.” It could be finalized at next month’s City Council meeting.

Muncie’s plan would appoint a single point of contact for developers of broadband projects, establish procedures for obtaining a broadband permit and review or reject permit applications within 10 business days.

Arron Kidder, consultant for Mayor Dennis Tyler, says it would offer a “path of least resistance to developers” who might install broadband in the community.


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