Professor Resigns after Bethel College policy on Creation

MISHAWAKA, Ind. (AP): A philosophy professor has resigned from Bethel College after it recently adopted a statement affirming to a belief in God as the creator of humanity. Jim Stump resigned from Bethel College on June 26 in a joint letter with college President Gregg Chenoweth. Stump said he did not want to “bring tension to the Bethel community.”

The Mishawaka college's Board of Trustees adopted the statement June 9. It prohibits faculty members from holding leadership positions or contracting with groups that do not conform with Bethel's beliefs.

Stump since 2013 also has been content manager for Grand Rapids, Michigan-based BioLogos, an online forum that focuses on the intersection and harmony of faith and science.

BioLogos director Deborah Haarsma says it is disheartened by the situation.