President Uses Slur

Did President Obama just use a sexual slur in a hand written letter?

As one blogger said, “this has to be the first time in history that a sitting President penned a letter using a sexual slur towards someone that disagrees with his not at all ideological politics.”

I imagine it's not meant to be sexual in nature.  But what is</strong> the meaning?  Is he attempting to be derogatory?  Is it meant to degrade a certain group of people?  He's using language in a passive abusive way… and it shows how disconnected he really is — or maybe how common abusive language is used by liberals.  Insults have become so common to liberals that they are immune to accountability.  

Even if the original letter written to the President uses the term — the fact that he had to gang pile onto it even further speaks to his character and proves he doesn't come to the table with pure intentions.

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