President Unveiling New Immigration Proposal

President Trump is putting a spotlight back on one of his signature issues as the 2020 presidential campaign picks up steam. The Hill Dot Com says the new proposal was put together by Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner. It would create a merit-based system that gives preference to immigrants that have coveted job skills. The current system gives preference to relatives of other immigrants. The plan will also call for new infrastructure at ports of entry to speed up commerce while cracking down on drug and human smuggling. Officials say that legislative action on this or any other immigration plan may not happen for some time yet. One notable Republican told The Hill that the plan represents a “good-faith effort to start a discussion aimed at finding a resolution.” An adviser who spoke to The Hill anonymously says Trump would use the plan as a tool in the upcoming election if Democrats don’t engage with the administration. The timing of the release is only 18 months before the presidential election. It’s also less than six weeks before the first Democratic presidential debate, which suggests serious negotiations aren’t likely.


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