Political Expert Reviews RFRA Backlash

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): An Indiana political analyst believes that the firestorm of comments against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act came after conservative activist Eric Miller‘s comments on RFRA while the measure was still moving through the General Assembly and the reaction of the remarks by the LGBT, higher education and business communities.

Brian Howey says conservatives showed their displeasure with the defeat of a same-sex marriage ban in the Indiana Constitution by pushing RFRA… but with unexpected results.

“There‘s really been a shift under the feet of social conservatives and there‘s been a rush to get these laws through because the ground is shifting,” Howey said.

But he notes that effort has been backfiring, politically. Howey told Lakeshore Public Radio before the Governor‘s review of of the “fix” that RFRA‘s taken “a lot of oxygen” out of this legislative session and the political process in general.

But he says it‘s too early to be able to assess the impact of RFRA on Governor Pence‘s political future.