Police Trace Gun to Terre Haute Doctor Accused in Nebraska Deaths

  OMAHA, Neb. (AP) _ Court records say handgun parts found at the scene of a double Omaha slaying match the model of weapon bought two months earlier by an Indiana doctor accused in the killings.
  Dr. Anthony Garcia was arrested in Illinois on Monday and faces four counts of murder in Nebraska.
  Police say in the affidavit unsealed Thursday that Garcia bought the handgun at a store March 8 in Terre Haute, Ind. The affidavit cites Garcia's credit card purchases and cellphone calls around Omaha on May 12, the day Roger and Shirley Brumback were killed in their Omaha home. Roger Brumback was shot.
  Police also say knife wounds in both Brumbacks' necks resembled those suffered by 11-year-old Thomas Hunter and his family's housekeeper, Shirlee Sherman, who were killed in March 2008.