Police set to enforce “stay at home” order

(Photo Supplied/Jeff Bowman, WPTA)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s “stay at home” order went into effect overnight.

Fort Wayne Police will be patrolling the area to make sure everyone’s following Holcomb’s order, which limits travel to only essential trips, but they’re hoping they don’t have to confront anyone, according to what Chief Steve Reed tells our Partners in News at ABC 21:

“Obviously, people are still going to be working downtown, so we’re not going to stop everyone and ask them, ‘where are you headed’? But if circumstances would come up, that they are obviously not going someplace that’s allowed, yeah, we may have a conversation.”

If the police do spot you somewhere you shouldn’t be, you could get a citation and a fine.


  1. Under this removal of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness, we now have the beginning to the Police State. I can’t wait till they start doing this with every flu season. Will the Feds continue to give us an allowance as well?

  2. Really guys I believe in the Constitution just as much as the next guy and I’m totally against a police state but if you do not understand why this is being done you need to re-evaluate your thinking. If this was not for the good of our country and our families I will be the first one in line to fight it. But take it from someone who’s on quarantine right now because a family member was forced to be out in public and to work in close quarters with people to their job and got exposed to someone infected with the virus. It needs to be 100% everyone of the people is to stay home. Of course they would have to continue to get food, meds and access to medical. So those people could go to work with proper PPE.

  3. The fact that we have to have a Stay-At-Home ORDER is because of you incredibly selfish people who are trying to defend your “rights”. Well, I should have the right to be able to pick up a prescription and groceries and not fear getting sick from those who are running around doing meaningless things and are contagious yet not showing symptoms. But because people can’t sit on their butts and watch TV or read a book or magazine for a few days without bi!€&ing up a freaking storm. Get over yourselves people! Try thinking of the good of humanity for once in your lives!

  4. Nope it is the law and the president used it . So make the best of it like me .I could be doing other things to but hear we are at home

  5. Actually the commissioner during one of the Gov updates said that police are not to be pulling people over and fining them. However, if people are congregating or doing other things that they shouldn’t they can address those situations, but the commissioner said to report police that are pulling people over and trying to fine them…. he had 9 reports but had not substantiated any yet at that time. However, I do believe most police are NOT doing that, but, if there are 10 kids playing basketball at the park – I am pretty sure they can tell them to disperse as basketball is close contact. They did encourage walking, running, playing golf (without golf carts and not with other people – probably your immediate family is fine and some golf courses have raised the holes so people don’t have to put their hands in), they also said tennis is great as you are far apart but still you both touch same ball so perhaps better with immediate family.


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