Police Patrol Indiana Pizzeria that Won’t Cater Gay Weddings

WALKERTON, Ind. (AP) _ Police have stepped up patrols around a small-town Indiana pizzeria after one of the owners said the state's new religious objections law backs their right to deny catering to a same-sex wedding.
Walkerton Police assistant chief Charles Kulp tells the South Bend Tribune that there was no trouble Wednesday night by the restaurant, which he says has received threats. He says they'll have increased patrols as long as the threats continue.
Crystal O'Connor of Memories Pizza has said her family would say no if asked by a gay couple to provide pizzas for their wedding, but would serve gay couples or non-Christian couples at the Walkerton restaurant.
Kulp says the family has closed the restaurant and likely won't reopen soon. A call to a number listed for the restaurant went unanswered.