Police Identify Two Victims in Indianapolis Killings

INDIANAPOLIS (AP)  Police have released the names of two women found dead in an Indianapolis home after an officer was involved in a deadly shootout with their suspected killer.
Spokesman Lt. Christopher Bailey identified Friday's victims as 84-year-old Julia Morrow and 30-year-old Inity Morrow. Relatives told reporters the women were grandmother and granddaughter.
Bailey says the coroner will determine how the women died. Authorities didn't say if the women were shot.
Police say a 911 operator who answered a call from the home heard a woman screaming.
Officer Greg Milburn encountered a gunman as he arrived and the pair exchanged gunfire, killing the suspect identified as 36-year-old Quintico Goolsby.
Milburn was also shot, but his protective vest prevented serious injury.
Police say the relationship between the women and Goolsby isn't known.