Police Force Barricaded Woman Out of Waynedale Home

Photo Courtesy: WPTA ABC21

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  Police in Fort Wayne are investigating after an incident Tuesday where they were forced a barricaded woman out of her home.  Shortly before 5 P.M. Police were called to the 2700 block of Allegany Avenue in the Waynedale area in regards to a disturbance with an adult female. When they arrived, they found that an adult male was able to exit the residence safely, but that the armed adult female had barricaded herself inside the home.

As the woman sheltered in the home, police gathered outside with an armored vehicle stationed nearby. By early evening, police grew eager to end the standoff. Officers used what they described as “less-lethal” munitions to force the woman from the home. Officers did not specify which device they employed. The woman soon surrendered and no injuries were reported.


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