Police Chief: One Group Responsible For Half Of City’s Bank Robberies

By Corinne Rose

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (www.incnow.tv) — Fort Wayne Police Chief Rusty York says there’s one group of criminals responsible for about half of the bank robberies in fort wayne this year.

Chief York says they have people dedicated to these cases to break them wide open. 

York says this group of robbers is most likely local, but responsible for other robberies in the region, as well.

The local police, bank robbery task force and the FBI are devoting significant time and resources to catching this crew.

Many of the recent robberies this year have included violence, with some bank employees being tied up, beaten, or pistol whipped.

And in one case, a robber fired a shot inside a bank.

“That’s a very volatile, dangerous situation when you have, number one, somebody who’s willing to rob a bank, they’re armed, it’s a very tense situation. So it is dangerous,” York says.

That’s why Chief York says these cases are front and center.

“They’re our priority right now. They are organized. They, obviously, just this year, have had quite a bit of experience in armed robbery,” York says.

Police have already arrested three people and there’s a warrant out for a fourth man who police think may be responsible for two bank robberies.

Detectives hope to arrest one of the men involved in the group responsible for many robberies soon.