Police Beef up Patrols on I-90, I-94

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): State Police are stepping up patrols through Monday on I-90 and I-94, as part of a 15-state safety blitz on the highway.

The Minnesota State Patrol enlisted the help of Indiana and 13 other states along the two highways for a four-day strict enforcement campaign aimed at cutting in half the number of crashes.

The highways averaged 131 crashes a day during the same four days last year, including three deaths. Indiana State Police spokeswoman Ann Wojas says it‘s worth rearranging regular schedules for a few days to make a dent, though she acknowledges accident rates may bounce right back up once the campaign ends.

The effort is intended as a step toward an International Association of Chiefs of Police goal of reducing highway deaths nationwide by 15-percent. Police often conduct saturation patrols over holiday weekends.