Pence, Obama Talk Health Care During Indiana Visit

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) – Governor Mike Pence had a brief, face-to-face chat with President Barack Obama about the governor's plan to expand Medicaid using Indiana's state-run alternative.

Pence spoke with Obama for about five minutes Friday afternoon after the president arrived at Evansville Municipal Airport for his first visit to Indiana since 2011.

Pence's office says the two men had “a brief, candid and substantive discussion” about Pence's plan for expanding Medicaid using the Healthy Indiana Plan. Indiana's state-run alternative would rely on optional payments by consumers and a hybrid health savings account.

Pence has long criticized Obama's signature health care law. The governor said in a statement that he “appreciated the opportunity to call the matter to his personal attention.”

Pence's proposal is being reviewed by Obama's Department of Health and Human Services.