Parents Bill of Rights A Roadmap For Parents In Understanding Education Practices

(Photo Supplied/Rokita for Senate)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  Indiana’s Attorney General is wanting parents to have a larger say on childhood education within the state.

Just days after releasing his “Parents Bill of Rights” legislation, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita cited his main focus within the document in that he wants to give parents and caregivers a “roadmap” to the knowledge in knowing their rights when it comes to the education of their children.

After citing issues seen by parents and Rokita himself in regards to the teachings of Critical Race Theory, Rokita told WOWO News, “I did it because I saw parents for the first time, in several generations, getting more involved in raising their children,” in regards to the reasoning behind drafting this legislation.

Rokita also wanted to emphasize that this is only the beginning of the discussion on what levels parents should have on the input of educating their child’s education.


  1. “levels parents should have on the input of educating their child’s education”.

    This should be very simple…..Parents have the ultimate say.

    And if I find out you are indoctrinating my kid with crap like Critical Racist Theory and math is racist and biology doesn’t exist when you discuss someone’s gender, Those responsible should be terminated immediately including those teacher’s supervisor/principle or even up to the superintendent. Why?…It’s child abuse!!


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