One in Four Men Admit to “Financial infidelity”

AUSTIN, Texas (WOWO): A new survey out shows that men and women have differing opinions when it comes to so called “financial infidelity.” Senior Analyst Matt Schulz says they found that 7.7 million Americans have hidden a bank or credit card account from a spouse or partner. Also, one in five Americans have spent $500 or more on a purchase without their partner‘s knowledge.

They found that 26% of men have done so while only 14% of women have spent made such purchases without their partner‘s knowledge. The report says the biggest “secret spenders” are those in the $50,000 to $75,000 income range and between the ages of 18 to 29.

Nearly 33% of men say they‘re okay with their partners spending more than $500 without them knowing compared to 18% of women. Schulz says they didn‘t explore the reasons for the opinions or behavior. However, he says it‘s clear that financial infidelity is something that can “open up a whole Pandora‘s box of issues.”