Ohio to invest $105 million in public transit systems

(Source: bit.ly/1VsS7hf License: http://bit.ly/1S0IVkT)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — State officials say $105 million in grants is going to public transit systems Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Transportation says nearly $70 million of that will come from the state general revenue fund.

The department is awarding $45 million for the Ohio Transit Partnership Program to rural and urban transit agencies, $17 million for 27 urban transit agencies in Ohio and $4 million to 38 rural transit systems to assist with matching federal dollars. There also will be $2 million for the Elderly & Disabled Transit Fare Assistance Program for reimbursement to rural and small urban transit systems and $2 million to a program supporting transportation for seniors and individuals with disabilities

An additional $35 million of Federal Transit Administration funding will support the operation of the 38 rural transit systems.


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