Ohio extends stay-at-home order through May 29


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WOWO): Ohio’s Stay-at-Home order now won’t be ending until almost June.

The Ohio Department of Health officially announced early this morning that the state’s stay-at-home order has been extended until 11:59pm on May 29th.

Director Amy Acton says it’s to “further prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

It also allows for the reopening of manufacturers, distributors, and construction businesses starting on May 4th, retail stores will be allowed to reopen on May 12th, and medical providers can resume “non-essential” procedures and surgeries, including dental work, starting today.

Read the full order here.


  1. With many hospitals set up to treat Covid 19 patients and those beds sitting empty, with CDC expert provided models of infection yet to be correct, with many people losing everything they have worked for all their lives, with CDC experts that sent out contaminated Covid-19 tests giving false data, etc….how many Ohio residents will be able to return to normal….how many small businesses will be gone never to return? At what point do the effects of a lock-down warrant destroying the lives of the public it is designed to protect? Increased suicides and mental health issues on the rise? Will a sustained lock-down trigger desperate people to violence and crime and force a declaration of Marshal law? People are protesting. They have run out of time. With 98% who get the virus recovering according to real data…showing the models to be wrong, why are we in lock-down? Doctors are asking this question? Why is YouTube, Facebook censoring these doctors who conclusions defer from the MSM doctors Fauci, etc?

  2. Yea it’s B S these restaurants need to be opening to other wise they will lose everything I guess this is what you want I work in a laundry and linen factory and 75% of our work comes from restaurants srew this B S and let us open up

  3. Thank you for removing my comment I guess you can’t handle the truth were letting Dr. telling us what to do not the governor imagine that

    • Your comment was not removed, it was awaiting moderation. Please try to be patient with us, we’re running on a reduced crew at the moment.


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