Ohio Company to Build Hydroponic Veggie Farm in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ An Ohio company is partnering with the city of Indianapolis to build a $1.2 million hydroponic farm that will grow organic vegetables in a retrofitted warehouse.
Sustainable Local Foods will install multi-level hydroponic growing systems in the warehouse to grow the vegetables not in soil but in nutrient-enhanced water.
The Toledo, Ohio-based company uses the same indoor systems to grow vegetables in Ohio, where its produce is found in many supermarkets.
Project manager James Bloom says the Indianapolis farm's first harvest of lettuces and greens is expected in October, with weekly harvests thereafter. Cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and other crops will also be grown.
The farm on Indianapolis' southeast side is expected to create about one dozen jobs. The city's Department of Metropolitan Development awarded $500,000 in grants for the farm.