Ohio becomes latest state to legalize medical marijuana

("Legal Colorado Marijjuana Grow" by Brett Levin, CC BY 2.0)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP): Republican Gov. John Kasich has signed legislation legalizing medical marijuana in Ohio, though patients shouldn’t expect to get it from dispensaries anytime soon.

While the law takes effect in 90 days, the medical marijuana program won’t be running by then. It’s expected to be fully operational in about two years.

The measure lays out a number of steps that must happen first, including the writing of rules for retailers and cultivators.

The legislation signed Wednesday allows patients to use marijuana in vapor form for certain chronic health conditions, while barring patients from smoking marijuana or growing it at home.

Employers could continue to maintain drug-free workplaces.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says Kasich’s signature makes Ohio the 25th state to legalize a comprehensive medical marijuana program.


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