Officials unveil new sculpture at Promenade Park

(Heather Starr/WOWO News)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Officials with the City of Fort Wayne along with the CEO of the Waterfield Foundation and the sculptor, unveiled the new sculpture located at Promenade Park.

Steve Howard, Director of Parks and Recreation, talked about how the dream was to put public art as part of Promenade Park.  Howard said “we were able to do that and we are very excited about that.”

Celebrations for Promenade Park start August 9 and run through August 11.  Howard says that in two weeks, the city will unveil and welcome everyone into the new park.

Mayor Tom Henry talked about how the sculpture represents the transformation that is taking place in downtown Fort Wayne. Henry says that the sculpture says it all.  The putting together the city of Fort Wayne with its rivers.  Mayor Henry said “We’re embracing our rivers for the first time, as far as I know, in the history of this community. Our rivers have always been the enemy.  We’ve always tried to push them back away from our city.  Finally, we’re in a position now to make them an active part of our community.”

Richard Waterfield, CEO of the Waterfield Foundation talked about how the city has had a lot of troubles with downtown.  Waterfield talked about the struggle of downtown Fort Wayne starting in the 60’s when the suburban shopping hurt the retail industry in downtown, the loss of Harvester, L.S. Ayres leaving downtown and then the flooding in the early 80’s. Waterfield said “So now, you all see what we have.  The convergence sculpture not only represents the confluence of the three rivers, but to me it represents the energies of all the people in town who want to make a difference.”  He then adds “The energies are converging now to make Fort Wayne now a truly great mid-western city.”

Linda Howard sculpted the piece.  She talked about how convergence suggests the flow of the three rivers coming together which has unified this region and people.  “As one moves around the sculpture, one experiences a visual adventure, never seeing the same view twice.  Light and shadows constantly change in the ambient light.”  She talks about how the art-form is uplifting and leaves people with a sense of delight.  “The sculpture convergence, creates a space of contemplation, introspection, solitude and peace.”


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