Officers Enforcing Fall Hunting Laws

ELKHART, Ind. (WOWO):  A call to the Turn In A Poacher tip line led to the arrest of a man who allegedly was caught shooting young turkey.  

Indiana Conservation Officers in northern Indiana have been looking into squirrels and young turkey who have been targeted illegally.  One instance was in Elkhart County where 29 year old Brett Bailey is a suspect from a Tuesday night turkey shoot.  Bailey is accused of shooting and killing a young turkey with a pellet rifle in his yard on Vista Lane.  No charges have been filed.  

In a separate case, 20 year old Willian Kyi and 34 year old Ka Lau of Fort Wayne were charged with illegal taking of game for bagging squirrels from the Tri County Fish and Wildlife Area on Wednesday night.  The suspects are accused of attempting to hunt past their daily limit.  They'll be summoned into the Kosciusko County Superior Court.