Odometer roll-backs a problem in Indiana

INDIANA (WOWO): Do you really know how many miles your car has?

Carfax says more than 12,000 cars in the state have had its odometers rolled back. In the old days, car thieves would crack open the odometer and roll it back by hand or replace the odometer cluster altogether.

Chris Basso, spokesperson for Carfax says with digital odometers, it’s much easier for criminals to hack into the car’s computer, using a port under the steering wheel.

There’s little to no evidence the car has been tampered with. The odometer reading is really important when shopping for a used car.

Low mileage usually means you pay more, but you’ll have fewer repairs and your car will last longer. Keep in mind, most cars average 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year, so if that’s way off, it could be a red flag.


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