Nutter “hopeful” for a 2020 TinCaps season

(Saige Driver/ 1190 WOWO)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Today was supposed to be Opening Day at Parkview Field for the Fort Wayne TinCaps… but with sports on hold thanks to the spread of COVID-19, will we even see a season this year?

TinCaps Team President Mike Nutter tells WOWO News he’s hopeful:

“I’m not sure,” he says. “But I’m the eternal optimist on the staff, so I’m hopeful. Teams could get out there this summer; we’ve received indications from Major League Baseball that if – and that’s a big ‘if’ – we are able to get going sometime this summer that perhaps they’ll extend the season into a little of October.”

Major League Baseball is also looking into the idea of holding games in empty stadiums. Nutter says that particular business model would not be feasible for the Minor Leagues, however. He cites that the majority of revenue for the major leagues comes from television contracts, while the minor league teams survive on ticket and concession sales.


  1. I live in Fort Wayne Indiana . We need to shut things down .I work in a pharmacy people are coming in for cigarettes ,chipspop . They don’t buy necessary stuff. They tell at yell at us for making them stay 6 feet apart. The govener says stay at home. Then turns around tells them to shop at local shops and restaurants. Nobody stays home. I want to see my family .


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