Notre Dame fire sparks memories of Fort Wayne church’s destruction

St. Mary's Fire, 1993, by Brian Tombaugh, Supplied/Downtown Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The world looked on in horror as fire engulfed the Notre Dame for hours yesterday.

In Fort Wayne, the sight of the famous church burning brought up memories of something similar happening here, when the St. Mary’s Church was destroyed in a fire in 1993.

“We went outside on the roof of our shop and stared in horror as the church burned and the steeple collapsed. It was gut-wrenching,” Michael Hollman tells with our partners in news at ABC 21. The church was rebuilt in 1998.

The fire at Notre Dame burned for 12 hours. French leaders and Notre Dame officials are promising to rebuild what was lost as well, while noting that many sacred items, as well as the iconic bell towers, survived the blaze.


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