NIPSCO starting major gas line project in Foster Park

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Wedding season is upon us and NIPSCO is up against the clock when it comes to a major gas line project it has planned.

NIPSCO is going to be replacing about a mile’s worth of old natural gas pipes that run right next to the pavilion at Foster Park, according to 21Alive. It’s a very popular spot for weddings, and a huge trench will be dug right next to it during the replacement process.

The $9 million project will see new, larger pipes spanning about 3200 feet installed, replacing the old, redundant, and smaller pipes that currently run along the St. Mary’s River.

NIPSCO, which is undergoing a project to modernize its infrastructure, wants to get a lot of the work done before wedding season. Construction begins this coming week and the area near the pavilion should be done by early June.

Another nearby project just north of Quimby Village in a residential area will also be worked on at the same time. That project has a completion date of late September.


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