NIPSCO projects an increase in heating bills

INDIANA (WOWO): Hoosiers who use natural gas will probably have to pay more for their heat this winter.

NIPSCO is projecting that natural gas bills for residential customers will be higher than last year’s bill. Between Nov. 1 and March 31, residential customers can expect to pay about $399 compared to $321 last winter, according to NIPSCO.

(Photo Supplied / NIPSCO)
(Photo Supplied / NIPSCO)

The natural gas provider pointed out that while bills are projected to be higher than last winter, the bills will still be about $100 less than two winters ago.

“Providing affordable energy for customers is important, especially during the winter months when they’re using more to heat their homes,” said Executive Vice President of NIPSCO Violet Sistovaris. “Although market prices have gone up over last year, they remain low overall, and natural gas continues to be one of the most cost-effective, reliable and abundant sources of energy.”

NIPSCO uses market forecasts, supply trends and storage levels to make projections.

Customers who are might have problems paying for the increase are asked to call NIPSCO’s Customer Care Center. There are programs and options available to help.


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