NIPSCO Installs Automated Meter-Readers for Fort Wayne Residents

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Fort Wayne residents may notice an attachment on their NIPSCO gas meters.

According to our Partners in News at 21Alive, NIPSCO is adding automatic meter-readers to residents in the company's service area.

The new readers aren't very noticable and make it easier for technicians to pick up the signal from their trucks, instead of walking on customers' property to read the meter.

21Alive reports the new method of data-transfer is designed to be private and more accurate. Customers often complain about an “estimated” bill, but the automated readers are so accurate, they will probably eliminate the need for an estimation.

The new readers mean technicians won't have to deal with hazards such as dogs, or tough weather conditions.

It's likely that Fort Wayne residents have received a letter in the mail about the automated readers.