Nine Area Waterways to Receive DNR Grants

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): Area lakes are getting grants from the State. Two of the largest recipients are in Steuben County.

Croxton Ditch and Lake James will receive a $93,000 dollar grant for a construction project. 

Pigeon Creek will get $40,000 for a watershed land treatment projects. Waterways in Noble, Kosciusko, Grant and Wabash are also included.

Twenty-two projects were awarded statewide totally $768,000 from the DNR’s Lake and River Enhancement program.   

August 2013 LARE Grant Awards Watershed (county) Project type Grant award

Big and Little Turkey lakes (Steuben) Watershed land treatment $10,000

Cable Run/Dewart Lake/Elkhart River (Noble, Kosciusko) Design/build $40,000

Croxton Ditch/Lake James (Steuben) Construction $93,000

Deer Creek (Grant) Design $13,000

Eel River (Wabash) Engineering feasibility study $14,000

James Lake (Kosciusko) Design/build $19,000

Lozier Drain/Chapman Lakes (Kosciusko) Design $16,000

Pigeon Creek (Steuben) Watershed land treatment $40,000

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