New non-profit in Fort Wayne, addresses dangers of internet

"Maker Faire computer kid" by jdlasica, CC BY 2.0

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – There’s a new non-profit organization in Fort Wayne, and it addresses the dangers of the internet.

Giving Teens Grace (GTG) provides educational events about the dangerous side of technology, and advocates for families who have a member who has fallen victim to online predators, cyber bullying or human trafficking.

The organization’s mission is “to restore families through grace and understanding.”

GTG was founded by Crista Miller, who serves as its volunteer Executive Director and Board President. She founded the organization after her daughter almost fell victim to human trafficking by way of Snapchat in 2016.

The organization currently has an eight-person board of directors.

In 1995, the average American teen would watch about 2.5 hours of TV each day. A 2016 study showed the average teen now looks at their computer and/or phone screens for 7.5 hours each day.

As teens are increasingly susceptible to cyber bullying or online predators, GTG works to provide emotional support and resources to families who need help with this growing issue. Counseling, help with law enforcement, advocacy, or a proactive meeting to help manage technology are available through the organization.

For more information, visit their website at or contact them by email via


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