New Marijuana Survey Supports Hoosier State Legalization

("Legal Colorado Marijjuana Grow" by Brett Levin, CC BY 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (NETWORK INDIANA) It seems the subject of marijuana is at a stalemate between the voters of Indiana and their state lawmakers.

While most Hoosier lawmakers in the Statehouse still appear unwilling to act to make marijuana legal in some capacity, an overwhelming majority of Hoosiers believe that legal marijuana would not be a problem in Indiana.

A recent survey conducted by Ball State University and Indiana Public Media shows that more than 85-percent of those who responded believe marijuana should be legal in Indiana in some capacity. The remaining 15-percent said that it should remain illegal.

“It’s overwhelming at this point,” said Chad Kinsella of the Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State. “If you look at our neighbors, Michigan is legalized, Illinois is legalized, Ohio has medicinal marijuana.”

Indiana is a solidly red state with Republicans having large majorities in leadership in both the Indiana House and State Senate. Kinsella said that Arkansas is in a similar boat and they put the issue to a referendum. Voters there voted overwhelmingly to legalize pot.

Kinsella said the difference between Indiana and Arkansas is that Indiana lawmakers do not have the ability to put issues to a statewide referendum. Not to mention the foothold that lobbyists have in the Indiana Statehouse.

“Indiana stands out in that we don’t have the ability to do initiatives and referenda,” said Kinsella. “Many of our neighbors do, with exception to Kentucky. In the legislature, there are a lot of different groups that might be a little leery of this.”

Governor Holcomb has remained adamant that he will not support any marijuana legalization efforts while it remains illegal on the federal level.


  1. when an overwhelming percentage of residents want it legalized in some form, the governor is not doing as the residents want! Eric Holcomb is to represent the people of Indiana….not his own agenda! His job is to support the voters choice! LEGALIZE MARIJUANA NOW!!!!!!!!

    • I completely agree. Most of us will continue to get ours anyway we can, even if it is not legal. Believe me when I say, it’s great getting rid of pain, especially when using with my pain pills.

  2. People just go to other states to get it. So legalize here so we get the money instead of giving it to Michigan and Illinois

  3. We support putting dealers and users in jail (no bail if minors are involved). Keep them off the streets and out of the schools. Do not legalize it!!!!

  4. It should be legalized for both uses. Has any of the politicians or just people that are against it taken a good hard look at what just about every city has a problem with. Pharmaceutical companies make HIGHLY ADDICTIVE PAIN MEDS, and eventually they make it out on the streets oh but that’s okay HUH. well personally I’m tired of losing young people close friends really just anyone when you hear the overdosed on these pain pills that are LEGAL to be sold, I don’t care if a doctor has to write a prescription for them, they still make it to the streets. I never could understand why people are so against something that is grown from the earth, it’s not made by a chemist in some lab. Medical or recreational should be a problem all states need to legalize it for both uses, also federal laws need to be changed about decriminalization of it at least the amount a person can have before its considered an offense. I don’t use it but I think it would benefit in many different ways


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