New List Places Indianapolis Among the Top 20 “Rattiest Cities” in the County

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): Indianapolis has made the top 20 in a newly published list, but not the good kind like you want. Pest Control Company Orkin has place Indy among the top 20 “Rattiest Cities” in the country.

The list comes from the number of rodent treatments the company conducted in the given city in 2013—also on the list Detroit, Seattle, and San Francisco to name a few. Surprisingly enough New York was a top city but not THE top. The distinction of rattiest city went to Chicago—Indy came in at 19th.

Orkin officials say rodents depend on humans to survive and the fall is the time of year they start sneaking into your home. They suggest you seal any gaps and cracks around your homes exterior, trim back any overgrown bushes and plants, and make sure food in the house is sealed