New lawsuit filed over protest arrests

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Yet another lawsuit has been filed against the City of Fort Wayne over how police responded to some chaotic protests that happened downtown last year.

Jalen S.R. Brown of Indianapolis says his rights were violated when he was arrested while police tried to clear the streets the night of May 30th, when racial injustice protests turned violent.

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He claims he and his girlfriend were downtown for “unrelated reasons” and tried to leave the downtown area when they were blocked in by police and he was arrested on trespassing charges.

Those charges were dropped three days later.

A specific City police officer was named as a co-defendant; you can find the full court filing below.

Brown v Fort Wayne.pdf


  1. This is the Me-too rioters movement with all these lawsuits against the City.

    Good luck Jalen but hope you won’t be selling your trailer to pay the lawyer when you lose.

    Interesting Law Firm: Chris Meyers & Associates
    They specialize in:
    Employment discrimination law
    Personal injuries
    Sexual harassment cases
    Police Brutality

    What’s wrong Chris Meyers and Ilene Smith, Business Slow these days? Not enough Employment discrimination, Personal injuries and Sexual harassment to keep the lights on…you had to Drum up some BS lawsuit to encourage more RIOTING, in an attempt to get a settlement?

    Chris & Ilene, I would like to file a lawsuit against the BLM group for violating my Rights when they illegally blocked the Clinton intersection, stopping traffic. Interested? I heard the BLM group have some deep pockets, after all, the head of BLM group lives in multi-million dollar house(s).


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