New lawsuit filed over police response to Fort Wayne protests

(Photo Supplied/John Finch)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A third lawsuit has now been filed over last year’s clashes between police and protesters in downtown Fort Wayne.

Jamison Chapman and his wife Latina Evans are both suing the city, Allen County, and city and county police. According to the Journal Gazette, the couple says Chapman was shot with pepper spray and beaten by three officers on the night of May 30th after he stopped to help a demonstrator who had also been pepper-sprayed.

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Chapman was then arrested, and he claims a jail officer ran his head into a door and kicked him, then denied him medical care. Charges against him were later dismissed.

The couple, who both lost their jobs in North Carolina because they were stuck in Fort Wayne dealing with the situation, is seeking both compensatory and punitive damages.


  1. In my opinion:
    A) They’re lying.
    B) Don’t go from North Carolina to Fort Wayne to riot.
    C) They’re just looking for a settlement money grab from the city.

    • I agree D S. In the end, they had no business being anywhere near the riots. Police cannot be expected to ask each rioter about their life story and what they are doing down there.


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