New Haven Police Officer’s Quick Thinking and Training Saves a Life

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WOWO): A New Haven Police Officer is being credited with saving a life. On August 29th, Officer Karns of the New Haven Police Department heard New Haven Adams Township Fire/EMS being dispatched to the 7000 block of Hartzell Road in regards to a man down, due to an electrocution. Despite that area being outside of city limits, Officer Karns still responded.

Once on the scene, he found the victim, a man in his 40's, lying on the ground behind a barn. Officer Karns said the victim was hardly breathing and had no pulse.

According to police, the victim was doing some construction work when high winds caused a piece of sheet metal he was working with, to hit a power line.

Office Karns started chest compressions until EMS crews arrived. Office Karns continued the chest compressions while an EMT shocked the victim with an AED unit.

The victim's pulse came back and he began breathing regularly. The victim is expected to make a full recovery.

Officer Karns has been on the New Haven Police Department since March of 2010. He is an EMT and former Paramedic who provides CPR training for the New Haven Police Department.