New COVID-19 restrictions for Steuben County to begin Saturday


ANGOLA, Ind. (WOWO): New coronavirus restrictions will go into effect in Steuben County tomorrow and will run through December 27th.

According to our Partners in News at ABC 21, restrictions include 50% indoor seating capacity for bars and restaurants, which will also have to close from midnight to 5am, and a limit on social gatherings to 25 people.

Schools and sporting events are different, with up to 100 fans allowed at school sporting events in Steuben County, and with most of the County’s public schools planning to resume in-person classes next week, at least for elementary students.

The move is in response to a recent surge in COVID-19 cases statewide. Find the latest details here.


  1. Partnering in news with ABC 21? For those who remember “the national inquirer”, “the globe”, etc., that’s what the major networks have become. It’s all about sensationalizing the news and painting a picture that satisfies their left leaning owners. Good luck getting an accurate unbiased picture.


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