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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Hundreds of Fort Wayne babies will have more diapers and clothing thanks to items collected at the community wide baby shower.

On May 7, $15,393 worth of baby items were collected at the baby shower, which was hosted by Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County for a Baby’s closet.

Beginning March 7, barrels were filled with baby items in sixteen locations across Allen County to add to the cause.

A Baby’s Closet, a program of Associated Churches, aims to increase public awareness of responsible parental care and provide children’s clothing and baby items to young families in need.
“Our mothers are conscientiously working hard for these items to care for their babies and are so grateful for your help,” said Elaine Williamson, Director of A Baby’s Closet.
The items collected are below.
  • 47,895 wipes
  • 16,361 diapers
  • $1,150 worth of clothing
  • 273 bottles of lotion
  • 242 bottles of body wash
  • 171 bottles of baby powder
  • 104 bottles of shampoo
  • 87 tubes of diaper ointment
  • 67 bottles of baby oil
  • 53 large items including car seats, high chairs, cribs, etc.
  • 48 crib sheets
  • 24 blankets



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