Monrovia Man Rescued from Wall After Trying to Avoid Arrest

MONROVIA, Ind. (AP) – A central Indiana man wanted on a probation violation has been rescued by firefighters after he got stuck inside a wall of his home while trying to hide from police.

Police say the Monrovia man was trying to avoid arrest when he squeezed down a narrow hole in the attic floor near the chimney. 

WTHR-TV reports the man stayed in his hiding place for more than a day because he couldn't get back out of the 16 inch-wide space. A friend found the man while visiting his home the following day, and firefighters were called to help retrieve him.

Monroe Township Fire Chief Miguel Ongay says firefighters were able to help the man out of the hole after cutting a piece of wood in the floor.

  Information from: WTHR-TV,