Monroe town marshal indicted on two felony battery counts

"Courtroom Gavel" by Joe Gratz, public domain

ADAMS COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO) – A grand jury in Adams County indicted the town marshal of Monroe over an incident involving a stun gun.

38-year-old Nicholas Yoder was charged with two counts of felony battery resulting in moderate bodily injury.  Yoder is the town marshal of Monroe and a confinement officer at the Adams County Jail.

According to the indictment, Yoder used a stun gun on Glen Dunlap, of Fort Wayne on October 7 in a “rude, insolent or angry manner.”

Dunlap was later charged on October 9 with a misdemeanor count of resisting law enforcement and a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct for offenses that took place on the same day he was tased.  Dunlap’s charges were later dismissed on November 24.

Witnesses for the state include Decatur Police Department Officers Andrew Elwell and Eric Mitchel, Monroe Police Officer Kevin McIntosh, and Allen County Sheriff’s Deputy Troy Habegger.

Yoder was released on Wednesday from the Adams County Detention Center on a $350 bond with a $7,000 surety bond.  No court date has been set at this time.

According to the Journal Gazette, Yoder is now on administrative leave from the Adams County Jail.  The status of his position as town marshal at Monroe Police Department is unknown.





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