Mom Says Elkhart Shooting Victim Liked Grocery Job

ELKHART, Ind. (AP): The mother of the 20-year-old woman killed in a northern Indiana grocery store shooting says she liked her job working nights because she could just listen to music and stock shelves.
       Police say Krystle Dikes and a 44-year-old shopper Rachelle Godfread were fatally shot at the Elkhart store Wednesday night by a gunman who was killed by officers.
       Juanita Whitacre tells The Elkhart Truth that her daughter started working at the Martin's Super Market since moving back to Elkhart about a month ago from Muncie. She says Dikes was looking for “a more peaceful existence” after working with a stepbrother who is a registered gun dealer.
       Whitacre says Dikes was also babysitting some children with special needs and had talked about wanting to start a day care someday.